March 31, 2011

the countdown.

Pin turns ONE on April 25. I am already getting so emotional just thinking about celebrating her lil' life. Jeremy is so aware and insightful- he thought we needed to be surrounded by family. So, he bought us plane tickets and we will head down to N.C. for Good Friday, Easter and Pin's birthday (I envision a weekend of pastels). We decided to have a small 'family' party and forgo the BIG BASH for now. I just don't think we have the emotional energy to do it up big THIS year. Pizza and cupcakes are on the menu. Simple, basic and predictable.

March 20, 2011

must read.

My cousin posted this link on her facebook page. It is thought-provoking and a definite way that I want to approach child raising:

March 18, 2011

funny girl.

prayer request.

Many people have continued to ask how they can pray for Pin. We so, SO appreciate your prayers and friendship. It means the world to us. 
Right now, Pin has some pretty significant delays developmentally. She is almost 11 months old and is not sitting up on her own (photos below were on a really good day). She can 'tripod sit' when she feels like it but is weak and unstable. She has a flat head that will require a helmet (or DOC band) that she will start to wear in a few weeks. We are hopeful that as her head shape changes, she will gain better control and balance.
She remains on two anti-seizure medications which 'slow' her system down. I am wanting to ween her off of these RIGHT NOW but know it will happen when Jer and I both feel ready (with Doc's approval, of course). I think once these are no longer in her system her movements will speed up a bit, too.

Thanks again for walking this journey. Love to you all.

March 17, 2011

pin today.

pin got sick.

Flying back from Florida, I caught something nasty that caused us to stay 10 days longer than expected. I ended up getting my parents and Pin sick. I felt terrible.

Pin got her first fever ever. 103 was the highest. Jer and I had been warned again and again that we would see an increase in seizure activity with the onset of a fever and a possible hospitalization would be necessary, too. I was waiting and waiting and it never happened. She never had one. I was so overwhelmed and frankly, shocked. I cried a good hard cry of happy tears.

My dad was 'on watch' as Pin fell asleep on the counter.

Poor bebe.

Pin visited her N.C. doctor. We love Dr. Van Zandt

March 16, 2011

last seizure.

I am no longer counting 'days since last seizure' but I know the date because it was the morning after my sister's BIG 4oth birthday bash: February 5. That is the last time I have seen a seizure.

We have hope.

March 15, 2011

5 weeks in north carolina.

Pin & I spent the whole month of February and the first week of March in North Carolina. We hated being away from Jer but it was so nice to escape the cold winter. We stayed with my parents and Pin did great. She has a white crib (similar to the one in her nursery) in her own room. I was able to get away for five days to meet Jeremy in Florida without Pin (thanks to my dad and mom). I came back renewed and full of hope. I am so grateful.


Below are some of my favorite photos taken over the five weeks: