July 25, 2010

big day.

Today is a big day for us. We have much to celebrate and much to be grateful for....

1. Pin turns 3 months!
 -She is doing great- growing, smiling, cooing and hitting her milestones. She was sick (again) last week and although we saw some seizure activity, it was milder and less frequent. We are very hopeful.

2. It is my birthday (I love birthdays).
 -My birthday gift request: the removal of the bed from our living room.

Since Easter, we have had a queen-size bed in the middle of our living space. It was "temporary" so we never expected it to still be here mid-July. It was necessary while my mom was living with us (7 weeks sleeping on an air mattress is NOT an option) and wonderfully gluttonous (eating & laying down while watching tv) but we have moved on.

3. Pin sat in her bumbo.

July 24, 2010

back home.

Three weeks in North Carolina was wonderful. We come home tan, loved, rested and ready to go back. Here are some of our favorite memories:

-Hanging out with cousins: Maddie and Emme

- Sleeping on Grammy's bed

-Playing with Pin's new toy: Pop Pop

-Eating at Brew Nerds and Kernel Kustard:

-Shopping the J.Crew Warehouse Sale with Aunt Jen:

-Napping with Uncle DJ

-Celebrating Emme's 'hawaiian' birthday

July 4, 2010


Pin is still sick..but we think she is on the mend. She continues to sleep, eat and has had many seizures but we have caught glimpses of our lil' girl in her wake time. We have much to be thankful for.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful holiday wherever you are-

July 1, 2010

Please pray

This is Jeremy. No sooner did Steph share about Pinny's lack of seizures in recent weeks did they unfortunately return. Despite my best efforts not to, it seems I have passed a cold on to her; Pinny has been stuffed up and having diarrhea today. When epileptic babies get sick, they are more susceptible to seizures. I think this is because their overall system gets agitated and they may not fully absorb medication.

At any rate, at about 6pm tonight Pinny began to have a cluster of 6 or so seizures in a 45 minute span. They were more minor than the ones we have been accustomed to, but we've been told that more than 3 in 30 minutes can necessitate us rectally administering a powerful drug called Diastat to Pinny. This drug is basically Valium; it can depress a baby's breathing-- as a result, it's recommended we call 9-1-1 if we have to use it. We opted not to do so tonight based on our gut that she is O.K. And since that cluster earlier in the evening, she has calmed down somewhat with maybe 1-2 short seizures per hour.

Please pray for us that Pinny's seizures would quickly subside and that she would quickly get over this cold. Please pray we wouldn't be discouraged by this episode and that we would continue to trust the Lord.

UPDATE (Friday am): Things seem to have stablized somewhat, although Pinny still has a cold. Thankfully she is eating and sleeping well. Please continue to pray this cold will pass quickly, and that we would continue to focus on what is unseen, not what is seen (II Cor. 4 17-18):

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

no news is great news.

Hello everyone!
You have not heard from us in awhile because we have been busy enjoying our lil' girl. Pinny has been seizure-free for 10 days and counting. We are beyond thrilled and so grateful the cocktail of meds she is taking is actually working. Wow....what a difference in our day to day. We continue to get test results back- all have been negative or normal. Again, what a HUGE praise and we are so thankful.

Pinny is growing (last weigh-in she was 9lbs. 10 oz.) and she smiles, coos, and loves looking at artwork all over the house. She is a blessing and we are truly falling in love with her.

We can't wait to do 'the world tour' and for all our favorite family and friends to meet her.