October 18, 2012

this is a job for a professional organizer.

In the 90's, I had a small professional organizing business (see business card). I worked in closets, kitchens and even helped people electronically "retrieve information." I still LOVE organizing my life and all its contents. I am actually a little intense about everything having a "space" (see PAPER cabinet, PARTY cabinet and WRAP cabinet).

But, I will soon take on the biggest (and most-important) organizational job of my life: my daughter's nervous system.

I heard of Nina Jonio a week ago, chatted with her on Monday and on November 8, Pin and I will head to Raleigh to meet her in person. She is based in Portland and is a Neurological Re-organizer. Nina meets up with all her clients in various cities, every three months, on appointment "tours." She is experienced and successful and has tons of HOPE for our little Pin. And boy, do we love hope.

Here is a lengthy, but very informative overview on Neurological Reorganization: https://vimeo.com/45993430