September 8, 2011

standing and stuff.

Last week, Pin started bearing weight on her legs. We are thrilled!

Also last week, I picked up a 'stander' to support her in standing because we thought she would need it. I'm so grateful the first came before the second. Her physical therapist (and Pin's babysitter) helped me "fit" her in the contraption today. It looks like she is about to ride a stand-up roller coaster at Great America.... maybe if I blare 80's hair-band music, I can convince her she's on the Shockwave.

She was exhausted after 15 minutes of forced standing (or whatever you call it). We are going to work up to 45 minutes per day. The thing has wheels and I think it would be a RIOT to push her on a walk around the neighborhood. I don't think Jer would have the same enthusiasm about it. Don't tell him!

I'm thinking between the helmet and the stander we need to round out the look with some braces on her teeth. At this rate, it's obvious she will need those too.


waking up full of awesome.

I like this:  (minus the swear words. Ok, I secretly love those too. Sorry, mom.)