July 1, 2010

no news is great news.

Hello everyone!
You have not heard from us in awhile because we have been busy enjoying our lil' girl. Pinny has been seizure-free for 10 days and counting. We are beyond thrilled and so grateful the cocktail of meds she is taking is actually working. Wow....what a difference in our day to day. We continue to get test results back- all have been negative or normal. Again, what a HUGE praise and we are so thankful.

Pinny is growing (last weigh-in she was 9lbs. 10 oz.) and she smiles, coos, and loves looking at artwork all over the house. She is a blessing and we are truly falling in love with her.

We can't wait to do 'the world tour' and for all our favorite family and friends to meet her.



  1. That is awesome news. God is so good!! Looking forward to catching a glimpse of your little sweetie when you are here!! :o)

  2. love the leg warmers - will be in touch about the weekend! :)

  3. PRAISE GOD! Such good news ~ we are rejoicing with you!

    Love the pics you keep posting of Pinny. She is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to meet her.