March 18, 2011

prayer request.

Many people have continued to ask how they can pray for Pin. We so, SO appreciate your prayers and friendship. It means the world to us. 
Right now, Pin has some pretty significant delays developmentally. She is almost 11 months old and is not sitting up on her own (photos below were on a really good day). She can 'tripod sit' when she feels like it but is weak and unstable. She has a flat head that will require a helmet (or DOC band) that she will start to wear in a few weeks. We are hopeful that as her head shape changes, she will gain better control and balance.
She remains on two anti-seizure medications which 'slow' her system down. I am wanting to ween her off of these RIGHT NOW but know it will happen when Jer and I both feel ready (with Doc's approval, of course). I think once these are no longer in her system her movements will speed up a bit, too.

Thanks again for walking this journey. Love to you all.

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