March 31, 2011

the countdown.

Pin turns ONE on April 25. I am already getting so emotional just thinking about celebrating her lil' life. Jeremy is so aware and insightful- he thought we needed to be surrounded by family. So, he bought us plane tickets and we will head down to N.C. for Good Friday, Easter and Pin's birthday (I envision a weekend of pastels). We decided to have a small 'family' party and forgo the BIG BASH for now. I just don't think we have the emotional energy to do it up big THIS year. Pizza and cupcakes are on the menu. Simple, basic and predictable.


  1. so excited for you all to celebrate this beautiful little lady! Enjoy NC and being with family. Praying for you and your beautiful family often.

  2. Jeremy is a GREAT guy! Enjoy your time surrounded by those that love you, Jer & Pin!! And say hi to all of them for me! :)

  3. so glad for your dear husband's foresight, Stephanie. I trust your time in nc will allow you the space to both celebrate and acknowledge the beauty/goodness of this year and the pain/difficulty. one doesn't negate the other and the challenge is knowing how to hold them simultaneously, isn't it? i hope for your days there are filled with side-splitting laughter, restorative conversations, and fantastic cupcakes! you are a good mom Stephanie; i know i'm seeing it from afar, but i respect both you and Jeremy and the honesty, strength, and grace in which you have walked this year and loved that precious (impeccably dressed, I might add) little girl. happy birthday pin! know you all continue to be surrounded. xo