April 9, 2011


Pin gets her helmet THIS Wednesday. According to the people at Cranial Technologies, she may need two. One complete round and then another. We have decided to embrace the flatness while it is still with us. I mean, her head is like a square. She still does not roll from her back to her tummy but, How can you roll a square?

Poor baby. I feel like it is my (our) fault and for that I feel bad. I was timid to put her on her tummy and didn't know ways to change that. Frankly, we were in survival-mode. I did try different positioning and tried to get her excited about time on her tummy, but she would roll over to her back. Again and again.

Well, it is what it is.

Here is her mug shot: 

After they determined she did (in fact!) need a helmet, she had a 3D scan of her head. They covered her entire head with a mesh cap to make sure the shaping is correct. She is such a trooper. I wanted to cry for her but held back the tears.

3D Pin:


  1. you are a great mom! rock that helmet pin!

  2. You gotta get some ID numbers across her mug shot. And, I still vote for the Cubs helmet.

    When all is said and done, if this is the worst that's come out of the year you had...really, this is a bump in the road. Think of the amazing changes Pin's had this year. Then fast-forward to next year. xo