March 20, 2011

must read.

My cousin posted this link on her facebook page. It is thought-provoking and a definite way that I want to approach child raising:


  1. I know you don't know me, but thought I should let you know how often Pin is being prayed for, even by those you are unaware of! I am a good friend of Karin Harpers, and I have checked your website many times a week ever since you began posting. We celebrate the amazing progress she has made and will continue praying with you! Pinny is absolutely adorable and we know God has special plans for her!!

    Blessings to you!! Deb Shurtz

  2. Deb-
    Thank you so much for writing, encouraging us from afar and for praying. We are blown away by the 'body of Christ' and all of our brother and sisters who have been holding us up this past year.

    Thanks for the message.
    Love- Steph