March 17, 2011

pin got sick.

Flying back from Florida, I caught something nasty that caused us to stay 10 days longer than expected. I ended up getting my parents and Pin sick. I felt terrible.

Pin got her first fever ever. 103 was the highest. Jer and I had been warned again and again that we would see an increase in seizure activity with the onset of a fever and a possible hospitalization would be necessary, too. I was waiting and waiting and it never happened. She never had one. I was so overwhelmed and frankly, shocked. I cried a good hard cry of happy tears.

My dad was 'on watch' as Pin fell asleep on the counter.

Poor bebe.

Pin visited her N.C. doctor. We love Dr. Van Zandt

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  1. And that is just how her Heavenly Father watches her, all night long, and all throughout the day...