May 2, 2011

hi guys!

Hi guys. It's me, Pin.
Mama and Papa started to wean me off some of my meds last Thursday.  I feel good! I am not as tired as before and I'm becoming such a cry baby! It's embarrassing. I cried two days in a row when Mama moved me from the car to my crib....but, I hate it when she wakes me up. I'm getting my first tooth...FINALLY. This stupid thing has taken forever. It is on my top right and it feels funny when I touch my tongue to it.
Mama said lots of you are praying for me. I feel the prayers and just wanted to say 'thank you.' I need to go take my bath now. I hear the water running.
Thanks again for praying. I will write again soon.
Xoxo. Pin

Oh. I turned ONE last week. Click here to see my photos.

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  1. you are prayed for, birthday girl. tell your mom and dad they are pretty dang amazing too! Jesus must have hand picked them especially for you!