April 25, 2011

pin turns ONE.

*the better photos are taken by our dear friend, kim lindstrom.


  1. Kim certainly has an eye. Not to mention a great subject to shoot. What a beautiful day to celebrate.

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet! And fabulous party, too! Much love to all of you!

  3. We just read the latest and then I showed Molly her birthday party. We love you all so much. I appreciate being able to walk this journey with you. We see our Mighty Glorious God growing us all to a place of deeper love and compassion. We do picture you at the hospital and being at wits end with your roommates dilemmas and cries as you wish for an hour of uninterrupted sleep. We love how you dress Pinny. You are a fun Mom and Dad and she is blessed. You too are blessed with an unique presh who has captured our hearts. May you feel the Love tonight (sorry couldn't help it... haha!) But truly feel loved and safe and joyful. She is yours and she makes us all love deeper. Life is richer, sweeter, good because of her story of beating odds through the grace of God. Through the power of prayer, and because each decision you make is so weighty. The Lord Jesus is being glorified in your testimony as you trust his wisdom. Go Pinny where are the training wheels on that thing. She needs a bright shiny uniform like the jockeys wear.
    Love you lots and lots, Cynthia Proch