April 28, 2011

big night.

Tonight is a BIG night...I am nervous and so excited. You see, tonight we are starting to s l o w l y wean Pin off of one of her anti-seizure meds. As always, our goal for our daughter is for her to be seizure-free, med free. We feel SO grateful that her seizures have been under control and we now want her on as little meds as possible while remaining seizure-free. After much research, it is my belief that the phenobarbital she is on is the major cause of her being developmentally delayed. It is a very strong barbiturate that slows everything down. Everything. She has been on this med since day 7.

Our prayer requests:
1. Please pray that as we wean her, seizure activity WILL NOT return.
2. Pray that we will see Pin's true personality emerge coupled with a major increase in development and emotion.
3. Pray she will sit up on her own, roll from her back to tummy and reach her arms out to grab.

Thank you so much for walking THIS far with us and for always asking how to pray.
Much love and gratitude-
*we are weaning Pin under the supervision of her neurologists. they are fully aware.

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