October 30, 2011

therapy camp.

Pin and I had just lived through a life-changing experience: Intensive Therapy. Over the course of the 5- day week, Pin had a physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist that worked with her specifically for 20+ hours. Brenda, Heather and Daniela poured every ounce of energy they had into Pin and equipped me with tons of "at-home" ideas, suggestions and resources. I came home energetic and BEYOND encouraged. Jer instantly noticed a change in Pin's mobility and vocalization. We have tons of hope and are really starting to enjoy being parents.

The biggest piece of overall advice that was given to me was this: Pin needs MORE. More stimulation, more stability with her posture, more kinesthetic awareness, more arousal, more synergies of movement, more initiation of movement, more somatosensory input, etc. The medication that Pin was/is on has slowed her body down SO much she needs MORE than the average kid to get her going. She needs stronger tastes (they fed her pickle juice and she barely winced!), more swinging, bouncing, and rough-play, more noise and more of LIFE in general. Living life BIGGER seems overwhelming but I'm choosing to incorporate small things into our daily living. At the grocery store today, I bought whipped creme, chocolate pudding and a box of cherry jello for our "food play" time. If I make it fun, it won't seem like therapy. Right?

The best part of all of these delays, is that we think she can catch up. There is no reason for us to believe she can't. We have never been told "pin won't walk, pin won't talk, etc." The hardest part about a seizure disorder is getting the seizures under control and by the grace of God, that has happened. With lots of work, play, patience and most importantly, prayer we have every reason to think Pin can lead a normal, healthy life. Brenda, Pin's PT, kept saying "she is college material." 

Until then, I will be playing hard and LOUD with Pin. If anyone wants to come play with us, let me know. We are the house with the strobe light and head banging music. 


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  1. Take her to a home that has young boys. No shortage of loud, rough play there. We are doing our best to keep the pictures hanging straight and sofa in one piece here. So glad to hear the good news of a possible full recovery. It's certainly what we pray for.