October 24, 2011

asleep by 6:55 pm = good day.

Our first day of 'therapy boot camp' went really well. THANK YOU for all the voice mails, texts, emails, phone calls and messages on my FB wall. It meant so much to me knowing that you were all there with me in spirit and through prayer. It was really difficult walking into the room alone with Pin as the other 5 children attending the camp had both parents with them. Pin is the youngest "camper" and the one with the least challenges (and the cutest, in my opinion). We introduced ourselves and I was shocked to learn that one child flew from India and a therapist from Brazil just to attend this camp. All I did was drive an hour and a half and I feel like I'm in a different world. Ahhhh, Wisconsin.

Pin was put in her own separate room and had at least two therapists  working/observing/playing with her the whole day. She took two brief naps during the day and was fast asleep by 6:55 pm.

The greatest observation that EVERY therapist noticed about Pin is her eye contact. One woman said, "she is looking into my soul!" and another said "she is trying to read my bank account numbers (ummm, I wish!)" Another questioned, "maybe she'll be a shaman?" I just smiled awkwardly, as our goal for our daughter is certainly not to lead people into communication with the animal spirit world.

Our goal, however, for our daughter IS to lead people into communication with the Holy and Living God. Maybe she is starting right now....


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