August 2, 2011

overnight at hospital.

Last night's stay at the hospital was rough. Not in a "hard news" way but just plain old tiring. We shared a room with a girl two months younger than Pin who slept ALL day and cried ALL night. The poor girl had seizures and spasms (like Pin) but was fairing far, far worse. Her body didn't respond well to the anti-spasm medicine, that has thankfully worked for Pin, and she is now on one that makes her really swollen. I have never seen anything like it....she looked so uncomfortable. I felt so sorry for her and yet SO grateful that the Lord sparred us from that route.

In May, when Jeremy and I were given the news that Pin's seizures had evolved into spasms we were devastated, shocked, discouraged and heart-broken. We were then told the two treatment options used, their side-effects and that we had 10 minutes to decide. We stopped, prayed and felt peace about the option we chose. We still feel peace and such gratitude to the Lord for His guidance.

Yesterday morning, Pin was "hooked up" to the EEG and stayed that way until 7:00 this morning. She is such a good little patient but is definitely becoming more opinionated as she gets older. Last night, she was fascinated by all the cords and I found it disgusting that she kept trying to put them in her mouth.The hospital is dirtier than any hotel I have ever stayed in....

Her neurologist visited us several times yesterday and gave us great news. Pin's brainwaves are much improved since her last EEG (July 5). Her brain activity is still abnormal but overall looks really good. We do not need to add another medication and are considering reducing her current spasm medicine a bit. We are very grateful.

As always, thanks for praying and loving us so kindly-


  1. Steph, that is FANTASTIC news! God is faithful....even when His ways are much different than the paths we would have chosen. That is what makes Him God!

    Continuing to pray for you, Jeremy, and precious Pinny. I know she brings such joy to your lives! We are trusting the Lord to continue to place His healing touch on her life. God bless you guys!

  2. God Is Awesome!!!! We are doing the dance of joy for Pin and you both!