July 27, 2011

brief update.

May: Living hell.
June: Living hell.
July: Pure bliss.

Pin is now doing well. I have not seen a seizure or spasm for three+ weeks and we are BEYOND grateful. She is on one anti-seizure medication and one anti-spasm medication and these seem to really be working. She has been off phenobarbital for 5 weeks and we are seeing MUCH more emotion, movement and overall stronger muscle tone. We have an overnight EEG this Monday (August 1) to make sure the spasms are truly under control. If they feel like she needs a "boost" to clean up her EEG even more, she will start two weeks of spasm/steroid shots.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pin's development.
2. Our hope (this roller-coaster ride has left us cautiously preceding forward for our hearts sake).
3. A total healing.

We love you all so much.

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  1. Encouraging, Steph! Thanks for the update - continuing to pray!