August 8, 2011

i cried. jer clapped.

Yesterday, Jer and I both witnessed Pinny roll from her back to her tummy for the first time. We are thrilled for this lil' milestone!

Thanks for praying for her. We are blessed.


  1. sounds merit badge worthy! thats so great.

  2. Hooray, Pinny! God is doing wonderful things in & through this little girl, no doubt about that.

  3. Hey thanks for the encouraging update. She looks wonderful and even in photographs I can see her penetrating glance into my heart. I love her. I love you both. What a special Mission God has chosen for you. You are in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your heart. Yes you should take her for a walk in the neighborhood and get her head phones with some Petra, Steven Curtis Chapman, Reliant K stuff. ( I'm showing my age) Laugh out loud ---- three years from now she'll have every song down pat. And you'll be on tour. Love you! My peace I give you not as the world gives... through the fire rain and storms I am with you always, even to the ends of the earth. Love forever Cynthia Proch