May 7, 2013

in honor of mother's day, meet pin's tiger mom.

Who is this cute girl with Pin in all our photos?

Her name is Ynhi Nguyen (pronunced: EE-Knee as in: eenie meenie miney mo, Win) and she is a God-send.

She is our nanny, babysitter, friend, counselor, patient, taste-tester and one mean Tiger Mama (in the best way possible). When she isn't at our home, she is in class full-time becoming a nurse at Bon Secours, finishing her biology degree at VCU, doing nails at her mom's salon (bonus perk for me, too), playing volleyball at open gym, or clubbing (this is very rare...but still needs to be noted).

She helps us six days a week with neurological therapy for Pin. Five of the six days, arriving at 6:30 am to assist me & Jer in a three-person therapy called homolateral patterning. Ynhi leads with Pin's head, me and Jer, moving the sides. Some mornings, we grumble at each other. Other times, make up songs or fill in new lyrics to old tunes. But always, when the five minute buzzer sounds indicating the therapy is finished, we arouse in applause to cheer Pin on...maybe ourselves too. Most mornings, Pin swims (the pattern looks like a swim stroke) to Cuba. She always makes it right before night-fall, before the jellyfish float to the surface. She is most often swimming south in search of the Havana music scene or in a rare case, to become a world-famous cigar roller.

Ynhi demands a lot from Pin. She always does ONE MORE vestibular, oxygen therapy, etc. before heading out the door. I no longer feel behind the 8-ball every single morning...and THIS is life-changing. Meds are being pullled on-time, detox drops are dispensed, lentil soup made before 8 am. This summer, I will continue to unpack boxes downstairs, while Ynhi is doing therapy with Pin upstairs. Just typing those words feels like a weight is falling off. Ynhi is a major reason, as I said on facebook, that we are approaching a season of healing. I finally have time to face all the extras (stuff, weight, negative memories) that we keep dragging with us month after month. Her kindess, love and commitment to learn my wacky, organic, gluten-free/everything-free, unconventional therapy ways is not easy nor normal, but so appreciated.

When Pin is well, I will have God (and Ynhi) to thank.

Happy Mother's Day, TM. We love you.


  1. How wonderful, Steph, that God has blessed you with Ynhi, the Tiger Mama! It is wonderful to hear of the healing in each of your lives. He is doing a mighty thing! Happy Mother's Day to you!!! Hugs to you!

  2. This post makes me SO happy. What an answer to prayer Yhni is! Give Pin a squeeze for me.