September 29, 2012

a holistic hope.

April 2011, a college friend who was following Pin's story, asked if she could contact me. She called me shortly after and began to share her story of Oral Systemic Balance. Her body, a very busy homeschool mom of six, had had it. Worn-down, anxiety-filled, she set out on a two year quest trying to get answers. Her journey ended when she met a radical dentist (go figure) in Tacoma, Washington.

He took one look in her mouth and declared that her tongue was blocking her airway and wreaking havoc on her body's systems. With much skepticism, she thought she would give his belief and procedures a 'try'. Her success and the countless other stories she witnessed while sitting at her appointments, led her straight to us.

I called that dentist's office that same day, a year and 7 months ago. I spoke several times to an admin whose daughter had seizures and now is seizure-free, thanks to that dentist. The admin sent me two names of dentists "in my area" that were familiar with this procedure. One in River Falls, Wisconsin and the other in Fredrickburg, Virginia. 

I thought about Pin and the observations I made early on (day ONE of life), how she hated things in her mouth. She refused a paci, her suck was weak, etc., to me it almost seemed like a defense mechanism.

I was dead set on trying OSB for Pin. But the timing wasn't right. 

Jeremy wasn't on-board. We lived in Chicago. And Pin was unstable.

Then, a year and a 4 months later, after searching nation-wide,  Jeremy got his DREAM job in Richmond, Virginia. A short 55 miles from Fredricksburg and all the pieces fell into place. 

Last week, Pin started Oral Systemic Balance. 

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