March 1, 2012

routine EEG.

We just walked in the door from a trip to Richmond, VA and Winston-Salem, NC. We had a great time house hunting in Richmond and hanging out with family in NC. No home purchase was made but I think we are really going to love living in the south. At the very least, the weather is amazing.

Tomorrow, Pin and I head down to Children's Memorial for a routine EEG. We requested she have one before we transition health care to doctors in VA and so we can have a new baseline. I am nervous but I don't think I need to be. This EEG is 4 to 6 hours long (thankfully NOT an overnight) and I know the routine so well....only this time I need to keep her little hands busy with toys instead of grabbing at all the cords on her head. Not a bad problem to have seeing her system is waking up more and more to the world around her. We are so grateful.

Pin's last EEG was in the beginning of August 2o11 right after our horrific summer of getting her spasms under control. We know this one will be much improved seeing she is on the least amount of medication ever and we are almost to the 8 month mark of no seizures. We again are SO grateful.

Will you pray tomorrow goes well?

We love you.


  1. Wow. 8 months. That is awesome in the truest sense. Love the minimal blog look. You've always been a classic : )

  2. will be praying for you and the Pinster tomorrow Stephanie. What a milestone - 8 months!! I bet the warm sunshine of the south will be the perfect place for Pin to strut her new grooves. : ) Love from Mpls.