February 22, 2012

richmond bound.

We have an upcoming adventure...We are moving. Jeremy was offered a new position several weeks ago and he accepted. He will be starting on March 19 as an Equity Research Analyst (for a mutual fund) in Richmond, Virginia. He has been searching for over 2.5 years for his 'dream' job and all his hard work paid off. I am really proud of him and we are really excited to move (of course, leaving our friends and family in Chicago is so bittersweet).

We are thrilled to be only four hours away from my family and seven hours from Jeremy's family in Connecticut. The ocean is an hour away and DC is a short 100 miles. We have already started looking at homes (via the internet) and this Friday, will see them in person. We will be buying a house with a guest bedroom (or two) and our doors are always open. Please know I LOVE house guests.

I will report back on our house findings...

1 comment:

  1. i'm totally down for a visit to richmond. anna has been asking to hang out with pinners. so excited for you guys.

    and, it's been awhile since i've been on your actual blog (culprit: google reader). looks great!!