January 19, 2012

don't carpe diem.

I read this article last night at 2 am. Pin has been waking up lately and having 'personal parties' in her crib. Last night, she invited me. How kind of her. 

Upon reading it, I immediately emailed it to a few friends that I knew would appreciate it. One relied fourteen minutes later saying, "I wish I had written it." Another friend called me from Minneapolis this morning to discuss it, another emailed the author herself saying "thank you for putting into words what I and so many others feel!!!"

Here is the article:

Let me know what you think.


  1. thanks for sharing this article Steph. What a really brave and honest writer to put in words what so many of us moms feel. It's the beautiful, messy reality of parenthood - the hardest best job in the world. You and Jer are such a real-life testimony of the grace of God fleshed out as you parent Pinny in His strength and persevere on the climb with her. Her face makes me smile and think all kinds of "Thank You God" thoughts at the way He is healing her little body. Love you guys!

    1. thanks for commenting, heather. you are so sweet! we so appreciate your love, prayers and kindness.

      stay warm and keep climbing.
      love ya,

  2. Ha! You are the second of my friends to post this today. We must all be on the same page. So to speak. Isn't the internet grand sometimes that we can commiserate and be encouraged by hundreds of moms and not feel quite so isolated?