October 13, 2011


Pin is now 17 months old. She is a doll and a delight. Jer and I are becoming more comfortable with parenthood and parenting our lil' girl. Maybe we are enjoying it so much because she is doing so well. We have not seen a seizure since July 5...we are so grateful and thankful for this. Our days are filled with less anxiety and more hope. Less worry and more pure enjoyment. Thanks be to the Lord!

Pin still has many, many delays. As you can see from the photos, she is still not independently sitting and hates to be on her stomach. I work so hard with her and need to remind myself daily that ONE DAY she will get it.

We have an appointment with her neurologist tomorrow and would love prayers for direction and guidance regarding her medication. Of course, we don't want her on ANY meds as they slow down everything....effecting development greatly. But, the alternative is scary if seizures return. Again, it remains a very good chance she will outgrow seizures completely...we really do covet your prayers in this regard.

From October 23 to October 28, Pin will be attending an intensive therapy "boot camp." It is in a suburb of Milwaukee and she will be receiving 5 hours of PT, OT and ST for 5 days straight. She and I will be staying in a hotel and attending her sessions during the day. I am exhausted just thinking about this upcoming week but grateful for the opportunity and praying that it is fruitful and not just something she sleeps through.

I hope this finds you all well. It is hard to believe the holidays are soon upon us. What a great time of year!
Enjoy your day.
We love you-

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