May 29, 2011

heading to the hospital: tuesday.

The last few weeks have been challenging ones. We successfully weaned Pin off of one-half pill of phenobarbital and then things came to a screeching halt. We began noticing some concerning movements while Pin was fully awake. She would look to one side and almost lose consciousness for a second and then repeat it again and again. We immediately recorded these movements and sent them to her neurologist. They said they looked benign. We weren't satisfied. We videoed again and sent it. Again and again until they reconsidered. Today, roughly two weeks after the initial email, we finally were told the movements are concerning and Pinny needs to be hospitalized on Tuesday.

So, we humbly ask for your prayers again. Jeremy, Pin and I will be headed down to Children's Memorial on Tuesday and Pin will have another EEG. This EEG will determine if her movements are benign (oh, we pray they are!!!), seizures or possibly worse, infantile spasms. Please, PLEASE join us in praying for Pin.

Prayer Requests:
-Pray her movements are not infantile spasms. This would be a major disappointment, as it would suggest that the dysfunction in her brain has continued, if not progressed (after several largely seizure-free months).
-Pray for wisdom, guidance, direction and peace for Jeremy and me.
-100% healing for our lil' girlie.

Thanks for standing in the gap with us,
Steph & Jer


  1. Praying for each of you and all those who will be helping you during the hospital stay. Love you guys so much.

  2. I was one of your sister's housemates in college. I want you to know that I will be praying for you and your sweet Pinny. I hope it is OK, but I put the link to your blog on my blog so others can be praying for her as well. Prayer is powerful. You are such a fabulous mom. Pinny is lucky God gave her to you. :)

  3. Praying for you all Steph! Praying for absolute wisdom for the doctors and for complete healing for your sweet little one...and for strength and encouragement for you and Jeremy.