January 20, 2011

EEG results.

Jeremy & I just got off the phone with Dr. Chung and we were thrilled by the news she told us. AMAZING news. Pin's EEG results shows major, major improvement in both wake and sleep-continuous activity with no sharp spikes. Almost that of a normal child, we were told.

She did have a seizure while hooked-up so we will keep her on her meds. We are hopeful her seizures will disappear over time and praying toward that end...

We are praising the Lord who not only hears prayers, but answers them.

Thanks for your friendship and love.


  1. what awesome news! will be praying that seizures end entirely.

  2. Steph...that is the most amazing news. What an answer to prayer. Your daughter is so precious. I see so much of you in her face.

  3. Holly and I are still following your blog. We're so happy to hear the improvement in Pinny's EEG. Did they still see the suppression-burst pattern?