September 22, 2010

more therapists than joan rivers.

It is official, our daughter is high maintenance. Before we had children, Jer and I swore that our home would be 'parent-centered' rather than 'kid-centered'.  We are eating our words.

Starting this week, Pin has an appointment with a therapist every day. EVERY DAY!
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Neurological therapist in Oak Park (he is amazing!)
Tuesday: Occupational therapist
Thursday: Physical therapist
Twice a month: Speech therapist (it's not really needed seeing Pin won't stop talking or eating.)

Early Intervention came to our home several weeks ago to conduct an evaluation on Pin. It was a bad morning for her and she ended up having 7 seizures in front of the physical, occupational, developmental and speech therapists. They were very gracious but had to base their finding on what they saw that day. I was disappointed that Pin qualified for services but later came to see it as a blessing. After having talked to several moms, I realized my child is not the only kid who has ever needed therapy. Parents can spend hundreds (if not thousands) on getting help for their children. Early Intervention is a nation-wide program that offers services (if you qualify) for cheap. We will pay only $150 a month to have a physical and occupational therapist come to our home weekly. We are so grateful to have an amazing 'case manager' who has sought out the best therapists she can find.

Pin will be evaluated in three months to determine if services need to be continued. Of course, it is my hope and prayer that in three months she will be seizure-free and therapist free. Then, we can start our 'parent-centered' living. A girl can dream....right?



  1. I think you have the right perspective, Steph. Joel used to provide early intervention PT services to kids with needs. It can do a world of good. :) Praying with you that it will be a short-lived necessity. :) Pin is JUST beautiful!

  2. Oh my goodness, I just found your blog and read your story. My heart goes out to all of you. I understand all too well what you are going through. Thank you so very much for sharing. Pinny is SO adorable and she will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. hey you guys! thanks for sharing your pictures and stories! i could just eat your little pinny up-we italians tend to do that:) isaac has been our high maintenance kid from day 1 and to be honest i wouldn't change it. sure, i wish i didn't have to spend countless hours at doctor appointments and therapy sessions, but when it's all said and done isaac has shown us how to appreciate the little things that we might have taken for granted(speech, hearing, a completed lip). i hope and pray that your sweet pinny is an early graduate of therapy sessions. she is absolutely adorable! clearly you were chosen to be her parents for a very good reason:)

    love, annie