September 16, 2010

best days.

I just walked in the door from a cardiologist appointment Pin had at Children's Memorial (a slight murmur was detected at birth). We had a great physician who listened intently for the murmur. Thankfully, it is gone.

While feeding Pin in the lobby, I was able to observe other families coming and going. Many people are hurting and in the midst of trials. BIG trials.

I was quickly reminded what my sister told me in the middle of my difficult Monday. "For those that know Christ, THESE are the worst days they will experience. For those that don't know Christ, THESE are the best days." Wow. Someone's BEST days include wheelchairs, feeding tubes, hard decisions about meds, etc.

If nothing else, my heart has softened to those around me. May this find you HOPING in Christ- because with Him, our best days are ahead. Always and forever.

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