May 24, 2010

mom the hero.

One month ago today, my mom flew in from North Carolina to be by my side pre-delivery. She has not seen her house or slept in her bed since that day. This past month has been the toughest time in our lives and she has walked this journey with us. We can't imagine how we would have survived without her.

There are no words to express our gratitude & thankfulness we feel to her. She has loved me and Jer with kindness, gentleness and selflessness. She has loved our little girl without fear and with her whole heart.

We pray and trust that one day Pinny will get to hear the story, told by her Grammy, of how the Lord healed her. We know she will have to re-tell it again and again.

We love you and thank you, mom!


  1. She is a hero indeed! We are so glad that she has been there with you guys. May the Lord bring comfort strenghth and wisdom to you all.

  2. Annette, you are amazing!!! Thanks so much for loving Steph, Jer & Pinny so fabulously!!! You are my hero too!!! Love you all!

  3. Moms ARE amazing, aren't they? And Steph, you have the heart of a mom now too! You know you would do absolutely ANYTHING for your own precious little girl. I'm so glad your mom can be there to walk this path with you. We continue to pray for all of you!