May 22, 2010

jer the brain.

I always thought my husband was smart but now I KNOW he is smart. My love and respect for him has increased immeasurably through this process. He is a leader and a fighter.

He has spent the last week researching on behalf of our lil' girl. He is retaining knowledge, questioning authorities and driving me nuts by using words like "glycine cleveage." Jer set up a 'Google Health Record' for Pinny complete with detailed documents, test results and videos. He bought medical journals and contacted those who have written them to view her online health report. We now have those who are most familiar with glycine encephalopathy (one at Johns Hopkins, one at Cincinnati Children's and another from University of Colorado-Denver) on our case.

We are waiting for more test results before moving forward in pursuing a second opinion. Please pray for wisdom!


  1. thanks for sharing with everyone. love the pics and the 3-legged stool illustration.
    love you guys.

  2. what awesome news!!!! jer, you are amazing!!! way to fight for pinny & steph!!! you are such a fabulous husband and dad!!! praying for you guys tons!!! love all 3 of you!!!


  3. I read my daily bread readings today and couldn't get you out of my head... it was Luke 18 verse 15-17 and I know it is exactly what we needed today.Pinny is a child of Christ and He loves and is going to do a wonderful work in her, God bless you all.
    You have not meet me but I am BJ Frentzel's mother Joan and praying as hard for Pinny as I have continued to pray for my own grandchildren,Sydney, Joseph and Noah.