May 19, 2010

eternally grateful.

Friends & Family-
We can't even begin to express what your calls, texts, meals and visits have meant to us. Thank you for praying (with fervor, on your knees) and fasting on our behalf. We feel peace (amidst our grieving and questioning) and know it is because of our brothers and sisters who are fighting on our behalf. We need you to continue to fight and we thank you so much!

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  1. I have known Jeremy my whole life and my heart breaks for pinny. She is just a beautiful gift from god and I will pray every day for her healing and for strength for you both. May god bless you all always.
    My family is currently going through something similar my baby cousin who is 8 months old has a rare form of brain cancer. His records have been sent to the same hospitals as pinnys. My cousin has started a journal on carepages. You might want to journal on there as it may help you find other families with children suffering from the same genetic disorder. Best wishes to your family.